public speaking

Seminars, Workshops & Speakers Bureau

“Effective Communications,” Florida Society of Certified Public Managers, Symposium
Women as Political Leaders Forum, USFSP
PEMHS Mental Health, PACE Awards,” Mistress of Ceremonies
“Rise and Shine” motivational session, “Improving Communication Skills/Increasing the Bottom-line”
“State of the State” Update, Federation of the Blind
“Campaigning to Win” Workshop for campaign volunteers
“The Role of an Elected Official,” community leaders in attendance
Seminole High School, American Flag Etiquette: Rules and Regulations
Seminole Middle School – 7th graders, “Seminole City Government”
Campaign Coaching over Skype with a victorious Candidate for the Cambodian Parliament
Seminole First Baptist Church, “Know Your Government… It is Your Civic and Christian Duty.”
Insurance Fraud and Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Roundtables
Florida Tax Collectors Association Annual Meeting, “Technology, Competition, Service and Economy,” key presentation on “Space Florida.”
“Property Insurance Forum” with 20 Mayors, Vice-Mayors and Councilmen
“Idearaiser” on Business and health issues
Elder Affairs symposium
Beach Merchants Forum
National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) – Natural Disaster Committee Chair
“The Business of Democracy,” American Women Business Association, and other civic, political and veteran organizations.
“Enhancing Democracy Worldwide,” Eckerd College, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute 




Leslie Waters is available to speak to youth, educational, civic, community, veteran and government groups on various topics:

  • Empowering Democracy Worldwide
  • Empowering Women to Lead Worldwide
  • Congressman William Cato “Bill” Cramer, Sr., Mr. Republican
  • Congressman William C.W. “Bill” Young, The Chairman 
  • Rosa Parks 
  • Dr. Martin Luther King

  • The City of Seminole is booming!
  • My City-Your City, Power Point
  • Effectively Advocating Your Government
  • Tips on Winning a Political Campaign 
  • Are you Smarter than an 8th Grader? Quiz
  • American Flag Etiquette
  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Kitchen Table Patriotism

  • The Doolittle Raiders of WWII
  • The Fly Girls of WWll
  • When Nurses go to War – the Nurses of Vietnam
  • General Chesty Puller – A Man’s Man, and a Marine’s Marine; Korean War 
  • The Story of the Poppy
  • Coins on Gravestones, Cemetery Symbols
  • The Qualities of Effective Leadership
  • The Qualities of a Team Player
  • How Communication Skills impact the Bottom Line
  • From Cross Bayou to Long Bayou,
    From the Hi-Rise to the Homes of Seminole Lake and Baywood,
    The Cunningham Properties